The Flat Earth Proof Diaries

I initially found this challenge by way of Mark's Flat Earth Clues. For a noob, I found his comments fascinating adequate to explore Flat Earth theory further. I quickly encountered your operate and noticed right away the fact driven method And just how credible the whole matter turned. Because then, I've watched or sampled most anything on the market and located 1 other whose Examination I discover to become Similarly as credible and that is Rob Skiba, who also was alerted to this subject matter as a result of 'Clues.' Rob is a biblical literalist who now inquiries no matter if one can connect with himself a literalist and sustain a spinning ball design on the earth (however he is swift to point out he is however a globalist albeit 1 whose 'religion' in the placement has long been shaken). Intriguing things.

Also now making use of celebs for additional propaganda This will be a tough battle to wake the mass

Hi Eric I owe you an apology.....I didn't notice the extent I were subliminally brainwashed through the years, and should confess It by no means dawned on me to seriously concern what sort of location we survive.

My problem to sphere congregations is ... With out using the UNPROVEN theory of Gravity, how is does a sphere that has seventy five% drinking water consist of it on its floor? IF there was gravity, why doesn't a similar pressure of gravity that is definitely made up of that 75% h2o smash us individuals similar to a pimple? I Never ever get a logical respond to. They constantly generally choose to revert to The mathematics for gravity. SMH. I was in search of sensible arguments , such as ...the possibility of Magnitism...all drinking water has metals along with people. That may have been an clever argument with out utilization of gravity. When Obama would like to crack on FE...which makes me a lot more diligent in my exploration. Many thanks to your candor.

Eric, thanks for your personal fantastic perform and dedication to this research. I totally think the Earth is just not what has been presented to us. Examine all of the commotion about the flat earth. We see shills coming out of your woodwork, cointel ops staying activated, science and cosmology professionals back again pedaling and just typical individuals who don't need their perception units challenged.

This is basically disappointing, I´d like to present Powerland a margin and see So how exactly does everything evolve, shills and desinfo agents arrive out with their shit if they´ve received a larger viewers. Very good luck to all of us, This is certainly the largest conspiracy of all and has not even but began.

Matt (Powerland) Boylan:  This alleged NASA insider turned flat Earth whistle-blower has turned out to become shillspicious in numerous ways. When someone sent him my documentary in November 2014, Matt promptly contacted me and invited me to skype various instances.  We had a pair phone calls but he did ninety five% on the speaking, interrupted me frequently, and recorded some phone calls with out informing me to start with.

I haven't genuinely been adhering to your perform because you begun publishing your flat earth protection. My Mindset is quite comparable to Max Igan, dismissive. But, owning read as a result of your discussion with Max, I had been quite shocked.

I feel you might be touching some incredibly sensitive data and would like to help you economically if i could..

Thanks very get more info much for permitting me know who's legitimate and that is not. Soon after checking out Mark Sargents bs it is sweet to find out about the opposite shills out to disinfo standard folks.

I stumbled throughout this video currently and it just so happens that Max took a compass on to a aircraft from Santiago, Chili to Sydney, Australia.

This subject is so exciting, and accidentally unknowingly I finished watching the shills videos, as when on the lookout for the reality if they have got no proof or any reasonable Tips I just assumed it was some man bored in his Bed room, Some shills in fact change me in to some flat earther to get straightforward because the nasa artist person assist me see nasas phony pictures, so I went and checked out nasas rocket launches/House walks and they are just stupidly phony, as I kid I bear in mind staying taught we are likely round the sun, that they had to strengthen it as I kept considering the Sunlight was heading all-around us, I used to be five-8 yrs aged telling my Trainer we do not truly feel dizzy.

What blows my thoughts is his do the job and assist for Dr. Judy Wood. Now I must marvel if he is trying to immediate her or is performing as her gate-keeper.

" "I've searched during the west, I have searched inside the east; and they are saying this earth was a Yard of Eden and now I see that everything is bleeding"…………

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